The Winter’s Tale

2001 Shakespeare
Played May 3 - May 26, 2001 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm

The Winter’s Tale


Leontes is the beneficent King of Bohemia—until an unfounded jealousy seizes him. In a mad rage, he tears apart his own family and kingdom. When he finally comes to his senses, he discovers that he has destroyed everything he loves, and his future appears to hold nothing but grief and remorse. They say that time heals all things, but never so literally or beautifully as this Time.


Jason Haws
Time View
Russ Holm
Leontes View
Jana Tyrrell
Hermione View
Kevin McManus
Mamillius View
Andrew Gordon
Polixines View
Megan Sanders
Paulina View
Peter Kappler
Camillo View
G. W. Taylor
Autolycus View
David Wright
The Shepherd View
Tim Hoban
Clown View
Krista Severeid
Perdita View
Scott Lendzion
Florizel View
Keith Eisner
Antigonus View
Forest Fousel
Cleomones/Shepherd View
Dennis Rolly
Dion/Shepherd View
Heidi Rider
Emelia/Mopsa View
Hillary Brian
Lady/Dorcas View
Stephen Kelsey
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