Inspecting Carol

1997 Farce
Played November 7 - December 14, 1997 Evenings at 8pm • Sunday matinees at 2pm

Inspecting Carol


A professional theater company is in the midst of their annual “money cow” production of A Christmas Carol, but all is not well. Their Tiny Tim is not so tiny anymore, and ther Scrooge is losing his marbles. Word then arrives that the production will be “inspected” for artistic merit by the NEA and that their annual $30,000 grant lies in the balance.


Eva Doak
Mary Jane McMann View
Jim Ingersoll
Wayne Wellacre View
DawnMarie Moe
Zorah Bloch View
Gordon Anderson
Luther Beatty View
Charlene Richter
Dorothy Tree-Hapgood View
James Fulkerson
Sidney Carlton View
Alan Fuller
Phil Hewlit View
Jamal Brown
Walter E. Parsons View
Matt Lee
Kevin Emery View
Sean Naughton
Bart Frances View
David Wright
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Linda Morris
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