Season 2020: “Transformation”

All art is transformation. Whether the medium be clay or paint, movement or spoken word, shadows or light, as artists we seek to transform our world into beauty and learning. Hopefully, we enlighten.

We would like to invite you to join us as we embark on our 29th Season: “Transformation”. We will take you from the shores of South Puget Sound to 1942 Berlin, from the deserts of Central China to the plains of Central Iowa, and from the historic homes in Beech Creek, Pennsylvania to the historic stories of the Brothers Grimm. We will carry you from the teenage angst of growing up in a confounding world to the apprehension of seeing the end of life’s journey approaching.

As we prepare to transform these written texts into movement and light, spoken word and shadows, we hope that you will see the stories of transformation before you in our work. We hope you will find – within yourselves – some kernel of the same. We hope you will see the beauty we see and will recognize the journey necessary for learning. We hope to enlighten.

I’m excited to share these nine plays with you and to embark on this journey. Your seat is waiting. Please, join us.

Aaron Lamb, Artistic Director

For the Holidays

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol

After an ominous warning from his nemesis Professor Moriarty, three unexpected callers arrive on Christmas Eve uncovering clues from the detective’s past, present and future. Can they save Holmes and his world from a dire end?

Now Playing!

Noises Off

Called “the funniest farce ever written,” (Clive Barnes, The New York Post) Noises Off presents a hilarious behind-the-scenes peek at an acting troupe rehearsing and performing the farce “Nothing’s On.” If ever there was a need for a good laugh, the time is now!


The Highest Tide

A sensory experience emanates from the pages of local author Jim Lynch's bestselling novel, which instantly transports us beneath the waters of a marine world teeming with infinite life and exquisite possibility.

Radio Theatre Version

For Peter Pan On Her 70th Birthday

When Ann thinks of her father, she immediately remembers playing Peter Pan in her hometown theater in Iowa, particularly when he used to bring her flowers after her performance. A loving look at a family’s view of death, life, and the allure of never growing up.

A dramatic parable for our time

A Bright Room Called Day

From the Pulitzer-winning playwright behind Angels in America comes a dramatic parable for our time. A Bright Room Called Day follows a group of artists and political activists struggling to preserve themselves in 1930s Berlin as the Weimar Republic surrenders to the seduction of fascism.

Epic Fairytale

Into the Woods

Wishes do come true, but at a price. One of Stephen Sondheim’s most celebrated scores and most popular musicals, Into the Woods is sure to be a treat for the whole family.

Snow in Midsummer

Executed for a murder she did not commit, young widow Dou Yi vows that if she is innocent, snow will fall in midsummer and a catastrophic drought will strike.

Real. Live. Radio. Theatre.

This Flat Earth

At a middle school in a seaside town, the unthinkable has happened, placing a bewildered community in the national spotlight.

Refreshingly honest, wholly original

Fun Home

When her father dies unexpectedly, graphic novelist Alison dives deep into her past to tell the story of the volatile, brilliant, one-of-a-kind man whose temperament and secrets defined her family and her life.


A Christmas Carol

Join us for a holiday classic that’s sure to please, with a healthy dose of holiday cheer, and the kind of ghostly special (radio) effects that only Harlequin can deliver.