Meet Susan Christian, featured artist for The Highest Tide


Please note: the Artist’s Talk that was to have been held after the Sunday matinee on March 15 has been canceled. 

Susan Christian



I am honored and excited to bring some of my work to Harlequin to coordinate with this presentation of The Highest Tide.

Yellow Cloud, 1993

I live in a “house” built on pilings over Puget Sound tideland.  Tides have both rocked me to sleep and risen up to terrorize me.   I wouldn’t want to live some other way.

The framed pastel (below) shows a triple view looking east.  It’s split because no one image of the bay can be completed before the tide shifts everything.

Back deck Oyster Bay


Most of these images are monoprints I did in the late ’90s when I just couldn’t get enough of the possibilities of mountain/water.   The mountain, the old eyeful of Mt Rainier, does tend to dominate.  Everything moves.

Susan Christian went to art school and all that stuff, then gave up everything in life except for making paintings while raising a family of boyz by the edge of Puget Sound. She worked for many years as an art therapist at the Western Washington Expressive Therapies Center in Olympia.
Her work was shown for many years at Childhood’s End Gallery, then at Salon Refu, and now occasionally at LGM Studio and Allsorts Gallery.
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