Meet Sandra Bocas, featured artist for the Fall Repertory Season


The work of Sandra Bocas will be on view in the State Theater Lobby from October through December 2021. On Thursday, October 21st there will be a reception for Ms. Bocas in the Lobby at 6pm. All are welcome!

Sandra Bocas


My artwork considers the perspective of the soul.  It is a direct conversation between the viewer and the viewed.  Likewise, the three plays Until The Flood, Tenderly, and Lady Day are addressing the human condition in various circumstances: pain, sorrow, loneliness, isolation, dependency, and joy.  The images I have chosen, ask of you to feel; to walk down the road in their shoes – even for a moment and remember some time where this could be your face, your expression, your memory of what it is to be in this human experience.

Black Face


Sandra was born in Venezuela and grew up in Trinidad, having moved there with her family when she was five. She spent her teenage years in Aberystwyth at a girls’ boarding school, before beginning a career in fashion as a make-up artist that spanned over 30 years. She has always been fascinated by the character and the soul behind the mask, which is revealed in her startling array of women’s faces. Self-taught, but guided by some considerable mentors: Bosco Holder (Trinidad)Patrick Betaudier (Paris)Andy Warhol (The Factory), and more recently Rafael Calzada (Mexico), she also draws inspiration from one of her favorite artists, the late Alexej von Jawlensky. Her style can be described as a unique blend of abstract and soulful portraiture. The memories of the light and colors of Trinidad and Tobago, her mother’s birthplace, have influenced her play with color.

War Weary