Deathtrap Production Photos

January 18, 2024

DEATHTRAP, the classic thriller by Ira Levin, runs January 19 – February 11, 2024 (now extended!) at the State Theater in downtown Olympia, WA. Directed by Aaron Lamb. Starring Russ Holm, Jana Tyrrell, Xander Layden, Teri Lee Thomas, and Michael Christopher. Fight and Intimacy direction by Candance James, Scenic Design by Gerald B. Browning, Costume, Wig, Hair and Makeup design by Darren Mills, Lighting design by Savannah Van Leuvan, Sound design by Keith Jewell, Properties design by Dan Wolff.

Publicity photos by Shanna Paxton Photography

Russ Holm as Sidney Bruhl, with a view of the Act 1 set by Gerald B Browning and the lighting by Savannah Van Leuvan.
Russ Holm with Jana Tyrrell as Myra Bruhl
Russ Holm, Jana Tyrrell, and Xander Layden as Clifford Anderson
Teri Lee Thomas as Helga ten Dorp with Jana Tyrrell
Russ Holm and Xander Layden
Jana Tyrrell and Russ Holm
Xander Layden, with Michael Christopher as Porter Milgrim
Russ Holm and Xander Layden
Russ Holm
Russ Holm and Xander Layden
Teri Lee Thomas and Michael Christopher
Teri Lee Thomas and Russ Holm
Xander Layden and Russ Holm
Michael Christopher and Xander Layden
Russ Holm and Xander Layden
Russ Holm and Jana Tyrrell
Russ Holm