Meet Marine Zuloyan, Featured Artist for The Revolutionists

August 22, 2023

Marine Zuloyan’s work will be displayed in the State Theater Lobby throughout the run of The Revolutionists.

An Artist Reception to welcome Ms. Zuloyan to Harlequin will take place on Thursday, September 7 from 5:30 – 6:30 pm in the State Theater Lobby. All are welcome! Light refreshments will be served.

Artist Marine Zuloyan

About the Artist

Marine Zuloyan was born and raised in Armenia, studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Yerevan State University of Education.

In 1997, she moved to Canada, where she worked and exhibited her works in many galleries in Montreal and Toronto.

In 2019, she moved to Seattle, Washington with her family where she currently resides. 

Zuloyan is an accomplished renowned artist for her vibrant colors and cultural themes. Her art pieces evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, transporting viewers to ethereal realms where imagination knows no bounds. Zuloyan creates a harmonious fusion of fauvism and realism through her distinct artistic style.

Conversation about Sayat-Nova, oil on canvas, 32“x 36”

About the Work

Blue Veil, oil on canvas, 10”x 14”

To me, an artwork is about feelings and emotions but it must be genuine!

By genuine, I mean every single dot has been created by you. Your work represents who you are and it shows the path of your life. It has its soul and it breathes.

It starts in your heart, goes through your mind and comes out through your hand onto the blank surface of canvas. Your work reflects your feelings and thoughts, created stories, imagined characters and places, where all the magic develops. 

Then you go on to the next step, working with colours, applying multiple layers of paint that blends into each other, giving you work some depth, lights, shadows.

You hold your dialogue with your created characters while the story goes on until you have something to tell. When you run out of words and you have said everything, the story is complete and so is your work. 

Then you sign, date and name your newborn painting…

More About the Artist

Website: http://www.zuloyan.com/

Instagram: @marinezuloyan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Marine-Zuloyan-Artist

Susan’s Garden, oil on canvas, 10”x 12”