Falsettos Cast Interviews!

June 13, 2023

Check it out! These videos were filmed in Heritage Park in Olympia, WA while taking publicity photos for the show. Costumes by Darren Mills. Videos by Mighty Tripod.

Falsettos director Corey McDaniel talks about the overarching themes of the show, plus logistical complexities and how it will all come together.
“The music is unique and incredible.” Actors Jon Lutyens and Nicholas Main, who play Marvin and Whizzer, explain the concept of a “sung-through musical” and describe the style and feel of the show.
“It’s incredibly relevant…I think a lot of people are going to find themselves in this show.” Actors Josh Doyle (Jason), Meg McLynn (Trina) and Bruce Haasl (Mendel) discuss the challenges that their characters face and how they overcome them.