Hundred Days Publicity Photos

April 8, 2023

Photos by Shanna Paxton Photography.

Harlequin Productions presents Hundred Days by The Bengsons and Sarah Gancher, an exhilarating indie-rock opera based on a true love story starring local band Sugar and the Spitfires, fronted by Amy Shephard, with Denim Protégé, Jen Grady, and Heather Matthews. Runs May 5 – May 27, 2023 at the State Theater in downtown Olympia, WA. Directed by Aaron Lamb.

See the Press Release here.

The cast of Hundred Days. From left to right: Andy Garness (drums), Heather Matthews (accordion), David Broyles (guitar), Amy Shephard (Abigail Bengson), Brent Pendleton (keys), Denim Protégé (Shaun Bengson and guitar), Rick Jarvela (bass) and Jen Grady (cello)

Amy Shephard and Denim Protégé, (center) play Abigail and Shaun Bengson, who created Hundred Days with their band, The Bengsons.
The cast of Hundred Days. Top row: Heather Matthews (accordion), Amy Shephard (Abigail Bengson), and Jen Grady (cello). Bottom row: Andy Garness (drums), David Broyles (guitar), Denim Protégé (Shaun Bengson and guitar), Rick Jarvela (bass) and Brent Pendleton (keys),
Heather Matthews, David Broyles, Denim Protégé, Amy Shephard, Rick Jarvela, Brent Pendleton, Jen Grady, Andy Garness
Jen Grady, Brent Pendleton, Heather Matthews, Andy Garness, Amy Shephard, David Broyles, Rick Jarvela, Denim Protégé