Meet Robyn Chance, Featured Artist for Baskerville

January 11, 2023

An Artist Reception to welcome Robyn Chance will be held on January 26, 2023 from 5:30 – 6:30pm in the State Theater Lobby. All are welcome! Light refreshments will be served.

Robyn Chance’s art will be exhibited in the State Theater Lobby throughout the run of Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, which runs January 27 – February 11, 2023.

Artist Robyn Chance

I am an artist, a teacher, and an author/illustrator. I have lived in the Northwest for most of my life. I have traveled overseas and most recently to China. For a number of years I traveled around the United States working as an independent contractor for non-profit arts organizations such as, the American Ballet Theater, the Saint Louis Symphony, and the San Francisco Museum Society.


Painting is my north star – it’s where all my life experience and beliefs come together to create an expression of common humanity. My paintings are inspired by the emotions encountered in everyday life, and my inner storyteller. They are attempts to bring life and connection to the forefront and are expressions of my hopes and efforts towards the creation of a more compassionate and unified world. Whether I’m painting a commissioned portrait, a family pet or illustrating a book, I aim to capture the emotion and feeling beyond just the appearance.

Portrait of Amelia

I often paint children and animals. Often there’s an authenticity that makes their story more accessible. As adults we know how to hide our emotions. I strive to tell the story, hidden or revealed, that wants to be captured and told. I find my storyteller self, able to access the depth through painting that isn’t easily found elsewhere. It’s part of the magic and beauty to me. It’s not just what you see on the surface, or what seems evident, it’s the deeper meaning behind us, of our thoughts, feelings and experiences.

 My primary mediums are Oils, Open Acrylic and Watercolor.

Welcome, Robyn!