Meet Mark Holland, featured artist for Blackbird

August 9, 2019


Mark Holland


Art is a tool I use to explore reality.  I work mainly in acrylics, a medium I like because of its vibrant colors and quick drying.  Due to its drying speed, acrylics encourages impulsivity and openness.

If I am successful, my images will move you to imagine untold stories, mysteries upon mysteries.  Sometimes these stories are whimsical and make you smile, and sometimes they are grotesque.  Transmogrified images like these can be both whimsical and grotesque.  A transmogrified image is changed strangely in appearance or form, often to a grotesque effect.  Ordinary images are transmogrified by processes of distortion and randomization.  Transmogrified images open doors to zones of discovery where art intersects reality.

I have a Ph.D. in psychology from Duke University, have written three widely used textbooks and served as Assistant Vice Chancellor at UCLA.  I took up art when I retired from academia a few years ago and began exploring my fascination with the unconscious creative process.

I am delighted that we have Harlequin Theater, which produces high-quality theater in downtown Olympia.  I appreciate Harlequin supporting all forms of art.


Welcome, Mark!